Bill Barr is attempting to smother a Justice Dept 'mutiny' by pushing back on Trump's tweets: CNN
Bill Barr (CNN/screen grab)

During a CNN "New Day" panel discussion on Attorney General William Barr's public statement that President Donald Trump is making his job harder by commenting on pending Justice Department cases, hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota doubted the sincerity of Barr with one CNN contributor saying it was merely intended to put down a "mutiny" within his department.

After former prosecutor Elie Honig suggested, "I do not think this a some bold, courageous declaration of his [Barr's} independence, because we have a record here," he added, "Today is February 14th. Normal human beings know it is Valentine's Day. I know it is the one-year anniversary of Bill Barr being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He's been there a year now and this is the first time he's done anything to show any independence and he has a long track record of doing Trump's bidding."

According to CNN "Early Start" host Laura Jarrett, "Look what he did with the Mueller Report, right? Why was he not embarrassed then? He defended the president, would bend over backwards to try to do everything he could to clear him before he put out the report. Why wasn't he embarrassed then?"

With host Berman noting, "More people [career prosecutors] were going to quit," Jarett jumped in to add, "They still may. We have been hearing people are furious on Tuesday when all of this [Roger Stone interference] went down. Tempers have cooled in the past few days, but I truly believe he knew he had a mutiny on his n hands."

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