C-SPAN caller scorched by Muslim comedian for ignoring Jesus after she rants 'gays are abomination to God'
Dean Obeidallah appears on C-SPAN (screen grab)

Comedian Dean Obeidallah, who is Muslim, told a C-SPAN caller that Republicans are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ even though they may oppose abortion and other policies advocated by evangelicals.

"I am independent," Pam, who called from Arkansas, told Obeidallah. "I vote according to my conscience of who would Jesus vote for if he were here on Earth. And he would not vote a group of people who believe in murdering children in the womb, on gays, which is an abomination to God, on false gods from other countries."

Obeidallah, who hosts a SiruisXM radio program, replied with a lesson on the Christian savior.

"If Jesus came back and saw Donald Trump putting children in cages -- we've seen approximately six children die in Donald Trump's control," he explained. "Would Jesus support that? Would Jesus support a man who demonizes women who come forward and talk about being sexually abused? Would Jesus support any kind of discrimination whatsoever and cruelty and meanness? No, he would not."

"And Jesus is part of Islam," Obeidallah reminded the caller. "My mom's Catholic so I'm pretty cool with the whole Jesus thing. And I'm down with Jesus."

Obeidallah said that he wished people "who want a government that follows the teachings of Jesus would start with Matthew, where Jesus said, 'If you were hungry, I fed you. If you were thirsty, I gave you something to drink. If you were a stranger, I welcomed you in.'"

"That's the Christianity that you should be pushing your elected officials to follow if that's what you want," he added. "But Donald Trump is the opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ in every way possible."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.