Chuck Todd goes down in flames trying to force Pete Buttigieg to say Obama is to blame for 'the rise of Trump'
Chuck Todd speaks to Pete Buttigieg (NBC/screen grab)

NBC Host Chuck Todd suggested on Sunday that Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg agrees that former President Barack Obama is to blame for President Donald Trump's ascendency into power. Buttigieg, however, refused to take the bait.

"The vice president is hitting you hard, implying that you are attacking the Obama presidency," Todd said. "Let me ask the question this way. In the second term of the Obama presidency, what do you think they could have done differently that might have prevented the rise of Donald Trump?"

Buttigieg insisted that he had "the Obama White House's back again and again."

"No, I understand that," Todd interrupted. "Why did we get Donald Trump in your view. And could this have been prevented by the Obama/Biden administration?"

"No," Buttigieg replied. "I don't think you can pin this on any one individual administration."

"Now is our chance to put together a big enough majority that it will win against Donald Trump. Then Trump-ism itself goes into the history books," he concluded.

Watch the video below from NBC.