Democrats need to shut down Trump and Barr's plan to obliterate the norm known as 'prosecutorial independence': op-ed
(Photo by: Shane T. McCoy/U.S. Marshals)

In the wake of President Trump's tweet calling prosecutors' recommendation of a 7 to 9-year prison sentence for Roger Stone a "miscarriage of justice," the Justice Department soon after revised its sentencing recommendation, calling it excessive -- a move that Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent sarcastically called a "shocking coincidence."

"At a minimum, whether you agree with the stiff recommendation or not, this raises serious questions about whether Trump and his attorney general, William P. Barr, are working to obliterate the norm known as 'prosecutorial independence,'" Sargent writes.

According to Sargent, "the norm doesn’t enforce itself. And Trump flatly rejects it."

"Instead, Trump believes prosecutors are entirely answerable first and foremost to him," he continues "Trump has demanded investigations of political opponents. During the special counsel’s investigation, his lawyers took the position that he can shut down an investigation into himself for any reason whatsoever."

Barr's repeated politicization of the Justice Department leaves Democrats with no choice but to escalate their oversight of him in any way they can, Sargent writes. Although this might seem hopeless thanks to Trump's stiff-arming of Democrats’ impeachment efforts, "not doing this is no longer an option."

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