'Disgraceful': GOP's Thomas Massie ripped to shreds for smearing Lt. Col. Vindman
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Rep. Thomas Massie

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) got hammered online for smearing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman -- who's about to be pushed out of the National Security Council in apparent retaliation for his impeachment testimony.

Vindman corroborated much of the evidence about President Donald Trump's call to his Ukrainian counterpart, saying he felt speaking up was his patriotic duty, but the Kentucky Republican called the Purple Heart recipient a "leaker" whose testimony was motivated by a personal grudge.

The White House is reportedly set to fire Vindman, now that Senate Republicans acquitted Trump in his Senate impeachment trial, and other social media users blasted Massie for slurring the Iraq War veteran.