'Emasculated pissant’ Devin Nunes scorched by talk radio host for media threats
Devin Nunes (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

According to a report from CNS News, a talk show host in San Francisco went off on Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) after he appeared on Fox News to complain about the media which he believes is hostile to Republicans.

Speaking with host Laura Ingraham last Thursday, the Republican lawmaker who has been filing lawsuits against his critics stated, "The most important thing that the president has done, of all the things that he’s done that are very important – but, he’s finally outed the media. The media in this town has been corrupt – and it took somebody like Trump to finally bring them out of their shell to where, now, they’ll just openly go out."

“They’ll tweet about it late at night. They get drunk, they send drunk tweets out. And, they’re vicious to him and Republicans. And, I continue to try to get our Republicans to wake up in the Capitol," he added. “We should not be talking to the mainstream media. They are assassins. They are working for the other team.”

Over the weekend Chip Franklin, who hosts a show on KGO-Am fired back at the lawmaker after reading a story about his comments in the conservative Federalist.

Turning to Twitter, Franklin wrote, "Hostile? You ain’t seen hostile yet, you emasculated pissant. After you lose your seat, I will make it my life’s mission to harass any and all businesses who offer you work. I know your type; you fold like a discounted lawn chair. Tick tock f*ck-knuckle."

You can see the tweet below: