Energized Biden campaign calls critic an animal murderer after big win in South Carolina primary
Vice President Joe Biden (Shutterstock)

Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign won the South Carolina primary on Tuesday.

The campaign was exuberant after Biden won a state for the first time during his three presidential bids.

Biden went after frontrunner Bernie Sanders in his victory speech, which resulted in a harsh review of his comments from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"No, Joe Biden, , most Americans really DON’T like the status quo. Shouting out that you oppose change + you disdain the “revolutionary” idea that working people deserve a better America - well, THAT’S not the way to beat Trump," de Blasio tweeted.

"Bernie Sanders will see you on the playing field on Tuesday," the mayor added, referencing Super Tuesday.

Andrew Bates, the director of rapid response for the Biden campaign, pulled no punches in replying to Mayor de Blasio.

Journalist Yashar Ali noted Bates' comment as the campaign's "official response."

"Bet your ass it is," replied T.J. Ducklo, the Biden campaign's national press secretary.