Founder of neo-Nazi publication delivers bitter tirade to his own readers after they fail to send him money
Andrew Anglin wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat to show his political support for Donald Trump -- via Wiki commons

White supremacist Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, bitterly announced on Monday that he is laying off writers because the website's readers aren't sending him enough money.

As flagged by Ars Technica reporter Jon Brodkin, Anglin on Monday published a post on his website titled, "We're Laying Off Staff Because You Didn't Send Money."

The post detailed the financial hardships that Anglin has undertaken in the name of publishing one of America's most infamous neo-Nazi websites, and then scolded his white nationalist readers for not doing enough to keep it afloat.

"Even after I told you people that the site lost $50,000 last year, fewer than 60 of you decided to sent money, for a total of less than $5,000," he fumed. "The costs for January alone were more than $10,000."

Anglin then said he would likely be the only writer on the website, and that could mean that the publication may no longer be able to produce its apparently important "race war section."

"This is the only large site promoting this agenda, telling the truth about the Jews, and attempting to save white people," he lamented. "And we're now shrinking an already tiny staff because the overwhelming majority of the readership apparently doesn't give a sh*t."

See a screen shot of the entire post below.