From crowd-size to coronavirus: Nicolle Wallace nails Trump for lying to America since day-one
Nicolle Wallace anchors "Deadline: White House" on MSNBC (screengrab)

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace noted that one of President Donald Trump's biggest problems in the coronavirus crisis is that he's spent the entirety of his presidency lying to the American people.

During a panel discussion mere hours before Trump's address, Wallace explained that it was the Trump administration that said he had the largest inauguration crowd size when it was clear from photos that it was a lie.

"In some ways this was inevitable," she said. "He started by attacking the intelligence community, lying about his crowd size. He then waged a year's long war on law enforcement. He's now reached deep into the military justice system. He meddled with hurricane forecasts, of all things. I think for anyone looking for the bottom or anything left that is sacred has stopped the search. But the idea that on the brink of a possible global pandemic, his closest allies and friends would be smearing health officials is stunning. How does the public navigate around that?"

She went on to call Trump out for ushering in serious cuts to government scientists and public health, including the Center for Disease Control.

Watch the video below: