'He took it like a man': Weinstein attorneys praise 'stoic and powerful' client after rape verdict
Donna Rotunno speaks to reporters following Havery Weinstein verdict (Twitter/screen grab)

Attorneys for Harvey Weinstein on Monday vowed to appeal after the former movie mogul was convicted on two counts of rape and sexual assault.

"We couldn't find a juror that had never heard of Harvey Weinstein," defense attorney Donna Rotunno told reporters. "We will absolutely be appealing. Our fight is not over. It is absolutely horrible for him to be taken into custody."

"Harvey is very strong," she added. "He took it like a man. And he knows that we will continue to fight for him."

Weinstein attorney Arthur L. Aidala, a former Fox News legal analyst, took a shot at some of his client's victims later at the press conference.

"We really thought that this jury went into the jury room and said, 'We can't believe Jessica Mann,'" he opined. "They obviously decided after they weekend we can't believe Annabella Sciorra. If it was as graphic and horrible as she described, it's something you would remember. You wouldn't narrow it down to the winter season of 1993 and 1994."

Aidala also noted that the judge had accepted a defense request to house Weinstein in a medical facility.

"He was a gentleman, he was fine," the attorney said, recalling the moment Weinstein was taken into custody. "He was stoic and powerful as he could be under those circumstances."

Watch the video clip below.