Here's what it's like to be a Democrat in Trump Country
Sunrise, Florida/USA - November 26, 2019: Donald Trump USA President Rally at Sunrise, FL. A Trump supporter holds signs, flags and symbols in the crowd. USA President 2020 Rally Campaign.

McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. — His name appears on the bumpers of trucks parked outside the dollar store, and on political signs spiked into the snow where the grass meets gravel roads. On a large mural outside a dog-grooming business, President Donald Trump flashes a 6-foot smile.“People from other countries stop and get their pictures taken there,” said Randy Bunch, the recently elected county commissioner who had the mural made.Fulton County is Trump Country. In the 2016 election, he received 84% of the vote, making it the “reddest” of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. And it has only gotten redder — exce...

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