'I'm very angry': Rudy Giuliani rages at 'backstabber' John Bolton in Fox News meltdown
Rudy Giulilani speaks to Maria Bartiromo (Fox News/screen grab)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani lashed out at former National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday over reports that Bolton's new book implicates the former New York City mayor in President Donald Trump's Ukraine scheme.

"There was never such a meeting," Giuliani said, insisted that he was "not in the room" with the president to witness malfeasance in the Ukraine scandal.

"100%, I never had any such meeting," he continued. "I do not know what John is talking about and I'm very angry at John because John says I was a hand grenade."

"He went around my back to the secretary of state and complained," Giuliani explained bitterly. "I don't know what John's up to. He's either a liar or a backstabber."

Watch the video below from Fox News.