Kellyanne Conway sputters lies to Chris Wallace: Trump is victim of a 'two-tier justice system'
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Chris Wallace (Fox News/screen grab)

White House aide Kellyanne Conway asserted on Sunday that President Donald Trump is being mistreated by a "two-tier justice system."

During an interview on FOX News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Conway for the president's reaction to a Justice Department decision not to prosecute former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was forced to correct misstatements to the inspector general.

"The president recognizes, as many people do, it feels like there's a two-tiered criminal justice system," Conway opined. "If you're President Trump or people associated with him, those prosecutions have gone one way."

Conway went on to say that McCabe is a "serial liar whether he's prosecuted or not."

Watch the video below from Fox News Sunday.