Ken Starr's closing remarks defend Trump by invoking MLK and 'the moral arc of the universe'
Ken Starr speaks at Senate Trump of Donald Trump (CNN/screen grab)

Ken Starr, an attorney for the president, invoked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his closing defense at Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

"We hear the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream-filled speech about freedom," Starr told the U.S. senators in attendance. "The Lincoln Memorial, which stood behind Dr. King as he spoke on that historic day. Dr. King is gone, felled by an assassin's bullet, but his words remain with us."

"And during his magnificent life, Dr. King spoke not only about freedom, freedom standing alone, he spoke frequently about freedom and justice," Starr continued. "And in his speeches he summoned up regularly the words of an abolitionist from the prior century, Theodore Parker, who referred to the moral arc of the universe -- the long moral arc of the universe points toward justice."

Watch the video below from CNN.