Legal scholars slam Trump’s threat to sue Robert Mueller: ‘He’s serial abuser of the legal system’
President Donald Trump

In a series of tweets this Tuesday morning, President Trump threatened to sue various people involved in Robert Mueller's expansive probe into Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

“These were Mueller prosecutors, and the whole Mueller investigation was illegally set up based on a phony and now fully discredited Fake Dossier, lying and forging documents to the FISA Court, and many other things,” Trump tweeted. “Everything having to do with this fraudulent investigation is badly tainted and, in my opinion, should be thrown out.”

As Law&Crime points out, his Twitter rant was sparked by the recent events surrounding the sentencing of his longtime confidant, Roger Stone, and Attorney General Bill Barr's intervention in the case -- followed by Barr's public statements where he seemingly expressed frustration with Trump's tweeting about cases of which he's involved.

Speaking to Law&Crime, former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah said Trump is "completely out of control with his attack on the justice system and career prosecutors for his own political and personal purposes."

“It’s been this way for a while but its reached new heights as institutions refuse to buckle under him—like a grand jury not indicting [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe], prosecutors resigning or withdrawing when asked to do things against their ethical duty,” she added.

"If we had a real Attorney General who actually cared about impartial justice he would speak out about this and stand up for Mueller and the Special Counsel investigation and the prosecutors," she continued. "But we obviously don’t have that. I hope Congress and the DOJ Inspector General recognize how dangerous and aberrant Barr’s actions are in enabling this."

Also speaking to Law&Crime was vocal Trump critic and Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, who said that for someone with no regard for the rule of law, "Trump sure is enamored of invoking the law almost as often as he lies."

“To him, it apparently makes no difference at all whether his lawsuits have even a smidgen of merit," Tribe continued. "He knows he can wear many litigants down just by making threats. When someone calls his bluff, he often folds. He is, in short, a serial abuser of the legal system just as he has become a serial abuser of the presidential power with which he was sadly entrusted.”