Lou Dobbs turns on Bill Barr for criticizing Trump's tweets: It's not his job to 'carp about his boss'
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs -- screenshot

Attorney General William Barr's public rebuke of President Donald Trump for tweeting about ongoing criminal cases has led to a flurry of speculation about whether Barr is genuinely breaking with the president, or whether it was a planned PR stunt to keep mutinous DOJ officials in line.

But on Fox Business Thursday, pro-Trump host Lou Dobbs made clear what he thinks: As far as he's concerned, Barr is a traitor to the country and a part of the Democrats' anti-Trump cabal of bureaucrats if he just sits there and complains about the president's behavior.

"[Trump] is keeping his promises that he made as a candidate for the office he holds," said Dobbs. "He is also expressing himself fully, freely, and directly to the American people, without going through the sage intermediaries of the national left-wing media. And, you know, I guess I am so disappointed in Bill Barr, I have to say this. It's a damn shame when he doesn't get what this president has gone through, and what the American people have gone through, and what his charge is as attorney general."

"And by God, if he's going to complain ... those are all things to complain about," he continued. "Where the hell is the report? Where the hell are the indictments? Where the hell are the charges against the corrupt, the politically corrupt deep state within the Justice Department, the FBI, and why in the hell are we hearing apologies from someone in that rancid, corrupt department about what they permitted? Because they had to have neighbors by the dozens to pull off what they did. The 26 names that we can go through in the FBI and the Justice Department."

"But then to hear this attorney general complain about this president, who's fighting every one of those damn people to do the right thing and to get this country straightened out, and it's his mission to do so, not to carp about his boss," snarled Dobbs. "And by the way, I don't want to hear any crap about an independent Justice Department! This Justice Department, as does every one, works for the president. It is part of the executive branch."

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