Louisiana judge admits to exchanging racist texts with cop boyfriend about courtroom employees
Jessie LeBlanc --WAFB screenshot

Appearing on a local TV station on Sunday, a district court judge in Assumption Parrish in Louisiana owned up to racist comments she made about African-American employees in her courtroom that she texted to her then-police officer boyfriend.

According to WAFB, Judge Jessie LeBlanc initially denied using the N-word about a black sheriff’s deputy and a black law clerk in her district when texting with former chief deputy, Capt. Bruce Prejean, with whom she was involved while both were married.

In her weekend interview, the judge came clean and apologized after stating, "I admit that I used that word. I profusely apologize for that. I should have never said it. It was uncalled for. I was angry. I was upset. But, it’s no excuse.”

According to to the report, "At least I was NEVER unfaithful to you with ANYONE- much less a ni****,” one of the messages read. “I’m sure you are with thug ni**** Erick. He is such a good friend,” said another.

Pressed further by WAFB reporter Scottie Hunter over whether she had used the offensive term outside of the texts, the judge hedged her answer.

"Not in a – no - not – no – not in a – no - I have not used that racial slur in the past,” the judge replied. “This was in a moment of a heated exchange that was private between Bruce and one I that I never dreamed would have come out to the public."

According to the report, "The text messages added fuel to an ongoing dispute against the embattled 23rd Judicial district judge, whose record has fallen under scrutiny after she acknowledged having an affair with Prejean."

The report notes District Attorney Ricky Babin has "filed a motion asking that LeBlanc voluntarily remove herself from criminal matters" due to her affair before she admitted to the racist texts.

According to Baton Rouge NAACP President Eugene Collins, "She should be removed from the bench,” saying her impartiality as a jurist has been compromised and that he will lead a protest to have her removed if she doesn't leave voluntarily.

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