Mike Flynn may be confronted with testimony from his ex-attorneys as he tries to withdraw guilty plea: CNN
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (cnn.com)

According to a report from CNN, on Sunday prosecutors handling the federal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn filed paperwork with the judge in his case to use the testimony of his former attorneys against him to counter his bid to withdraw his guilty plea.

The report states, "The court filing from prosecutors on Sunday could bring a new and consequential twist in the Flynn case, aligning the Justice Department and a major force in DC's legal establishment against President Donald Trump's first national security adviser," before adding, "The filings even hint that DOJ would be willing to charge Flynn with perjury, or to take Flynn to trial if the judge allowed him to change his plea to not guilty."

The report notes that Flynn is attempting to withdraw his guilty plea where he "admitted to lying to FBI agents interviewing him in the White House about his late-2016 conversations with the then-Russian ambassador." saying his attorneys forced him to take the offer.

However, "prosecutors, from the DC US Attorney's Office, asked District Judge Emmet Sullivan on Sunday to give Covington permission to counter Flynn's claims, according to a new court filing. If allowed, the defense lawyers could even be called to testify against Flynn in future court proceedings, the prosecutors noted," CNN reports.

"To make certain and clear that counsel may take the necessary steps to vindicate their public reputation by addressing and defending against the defendant's claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, and equally to vindicate the integrity of this Court's previous proceedings, the government asks this Court to" to allow Covington to discuss its representation of Flynn with the prosecutors, the court and potentially in a public hearing," the report continued.

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