MSNBC’s Morning Joe warns Trump will undo Mueller probe with the stroke of a pen
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough sees pardons of President Donald Trump's "co-conspirators" in the Russian election meddling "coming a mile away."

The "Morning Joe" host blasted the blizzard of pardons and commutations the president issued Tuesday for 11 white-collar criminals with ties to Fox News or his associates, saying the moves sent a clear signal that Trump intends to undo the work of special counsel Robert Mueller.

"It's fascinating for a guy that was supposed to clean the swamp, he has done just the opposite, he basically bought off the swamp," Scarborough said. "It's a lot of corruption, people involved in corruption, getting a free pass because of Donald Trump."

Scarborough said the moves, which many have questioned, make perfect sense to him.

"I'm not as concerned about yesterday's commutations and pardons as I was with what he did with war criminals, when he pardoned war criminals who shot little girls walking down the street in Iraq just for the hell of it," Scarborough said. "But this is all to set up -- it's all to make everybody numb, to make the media numb, to make voters numb to the fact that he's going to pardon his henchmen, he's going to pardon his co-conspirators, he's going to pardon people like [Paul] Manafort, going to pardon people like [Michael] Flynn, going to pardon people like Roger Stone. You can see this one coming a mile away because it's an extraordinarily corrupt thing to do, so what do you do? You go ahead and pardon some others and you pardon war criminals. When you can pardon a war criminal that targeted a little girl walking by a river bank in Iraq, killing her, suddenly pardoning Roger Stone doesn't seem quite so shocking, does it?"