Navy SEAL commander to resign a year early after clashing with Trump for pardoning war criminals: report

According to a report form The Intercept this weekend, the Navy SEALs commander who clashed with President Trump over his pardons of convicted war criminals will be stepping down from his post this coming September, a year earlier than his scheduled departure.

Special Warfare Rear Adm. Collin Green was a 1986 graduate from the US Naval Academy and completed the Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course two years later. His retirement comes in the wake of his move to take away the Trident pin of Special Warfare Operator Chief Eddie Gallagher, who was demoted and charged with war crimes, including the murder of an ISIS prisoner and the shooting of two civilians in Iraq in back in 2017. Gallagher was only convicted of a lesser charge, which involved his posing for a picture with the dead ISIS fighter.

President Trump then stepped in to free Gallagher from prison and restore his rank, saying that he was "sticking up for our armed forces" and that "there's never been a president that's going to stick up for them, and has, like I have."

Other Navy leaders resigned in the wake of Trump's actions.

Green will likely be replaced by another two-star SEAL admiral, H. Wyman Howard III.

Read the full report over at The Intercept.