Ocasio-Cortez schools Fox Business anchor on Trump campaign payouts to black voters
Charles Payne and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) schooled a Fox Business Network host who questioned her claims about the Trump campaign paying black voters.

Charles Payne, host of Fox's Making Money, planned to devote a segment of his show to the New York Democrat's claims, which he questioned.

"Whoa! @AOC making damning claims that the Trump campaign is paying Black Americans at his campaign rally," Payne tweeted. "Trump must have struck a nerve during SOTU last night."

But Ocasio-Cortez backed up her claim in a response to Payne, who is black.

"I’m not 'making claims' that Trump campaign allies are holding events in Black communities to hand out envelopes of cash," she tweeted. "I’m quoting the actual reporting."

The lawmaker posted a screen capture of the Politico report on Cleveland pastor Darnell Scott's black outreach efforts -- which hands out envelopes stuffed with cash to black voters.

The Scott-run nonprofit organization Urban Revitalization Coalition has been holding rallies in black communities where voters hear praise about the president and are then given a chance to win cash prizes.