'Rather than leading -- he lies': MSNBC panel says Trump is a 'danger to the country' because he can't be trusted
former assistant US Attorney Maya Wiley and Republican strategist Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC commentators, former assistant US Attorney Maya Wiley and Rick Wilson, explained that President Donald Trump's most significant barrier is making it past his own lies to save America from the coronavirus.

"There's a case tonight being tested in Walton County, Florida. The heart of Trump country," said Wilson, referring to the panhandle county east of Pensacola. "That's not going to be something you can just walk away from if it turns out to be a real case. We're seeing these things popping up all over. The safe bet was always to say, 'This could be bad. We'll do everything we can to stop it.' But he can't stop himself from self-aggrandizing and lying about things. And it's actually -- setting aside my normal criticism of Trump -- this is a danger to the country that he is not a trustworthy person for the American people. Even people who like him now he BS's them all the time. Now, if he says it's not a problem and people are being hospitalized, it is a problem."

Wiley explained that Trump's plan for leadership on the virus is just like everything else: "deny, deflect and denounce."

"That's the way Trump leads. And, unfortunately, and to Rick's point, and to your point about stewardship, that's not leadership," she explained. "That's self-involvement. That's self-interest. And it's extremely dangerous."

She noted Trump's comments about the stock market and his claim that he's an expert on it. The market only dropped because of Democrats and the debate, he claimed. However, it plummeted nearly 2,000 points before the Democratic debate even aired.

"What's amazing to me is if Donald Trump is so smart about the stock market why didn't he turn this into a story about how the stock market is irrational, it is responding to fear and he as the leader of the free world is here to tell everyone exactly what he's going to do to help ensure that the irrational stock market can start behaving more rationally?" she asked.

She went on to say that it was an opportunity for Trump to talk about something other than himself. It's a virus that he can't control, and his problem is that he can't lead when he lies.

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