Scholar mocks 'confused' Trump and his 'history deficit disorder' on CNN
Historian Douglas Brinkley appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Rice University history professor Douglas Brinkley went on CNN Tuesday to roast President Donald Trump for misstating basic facts about American history.

At the beginning, host Brianna Keilar played a clip of Trump claiming that Concord, New Hampshire was a famous city in the history of the United States, when in reality it was Concord, Massachusetts that became famous for being the birthplace of the American Revolution.

Brinkley commented that this statement was reflective of the president's overall ignorance of historical facts.

"He didn't do his homework in preparation of the speech," Brinkley said. "He was winging it. His mind got confused. I mean, he has a history deficit disorder. He knows very little about american geography."

Brinkley then said that Trump can't even get facts about the current state of America correct, let alone the historical ones.

"One of President Trump's strengths is supposed to be his knowledge of sports in the NFL, and even there when the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, he said they were in Kansas, not Missouri," he said. "So he's somebody who really does -- he's one of these people that sees New York City and Mar-a-Lago as the center of the world and everything else is just the territories out there."

Watch the video below.