‘That’s a bombshell, that’s an earthquake’: NBC reporter sounds the alarm on Russia's latest efforts for Trump
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

The New York Times broke the story Thursday that Russia is supporting President Donald Trump and is already hacking the 2020 election to help his reelection.

It was something NBC reporter Ken Delanian called a "bombshell."

"It is the worst nightmare of many of my sources in the intelligence world," he said. "It's bad enough to learn that there is classified intelligence that Russia is interfering again and trying to elect Donald Trump. We should be careful about that because it is not clear what it means. Does it mean disinformation on social media, does it mean intercepts that suggest people in the Kremlin are discussing the campaign? That is bad enough, but then the notion that because a briefing of that information was delivered to a bipartisan group of lawmakers, that cost Joe Maguire the job? That is a bombshell."

He went on to say that most Americans want intelligence officials to be brave enough to speak truth to power, but in Trump's world, an intelligence official is there to help cover-up.

Delanian said that his sources explained the briefing didn't sugar-coat anything, which host Chuck Todd said is concerning if an intelligence person must now present essential information in a way Trump can handle it without flying off the handle.

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