The same night Bernie won New Hampshire he was ‘nuked’ in Nevada ahead of the next caucuses: report
Sen. Bernie Sanders talks about Donald Trump on Conan O'Brien (Screen cap).

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was projected to win Tuesday's first in the nation primary in New Hampshire.

But the same night, he was blasted by the most important union in Nevada ahead of the state's February 22 caucuses.

"Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would “end Culinary Healthcare” if elected president, according to a new one-pager the politically powerful Culinary Union is posting back of house on the Las Vegas Strip," The Nevada Independent reported Tuesday evening.

"The new flyer, a copy of which was obtained by The Nevada Independent, compares the positions on health care, “good jobs” and immigration of six Demoratic presidential hopefuls who have come to the union’s headquarters over the last two months to court its members. But the primary difference outlined in the document, which is being distributed in both English and Spanish, is in the candidates’ positions on health care, taking particular aim at the Vermont senator over his Medicare-for-all policy, which would establish a single-payer, government run health insurance system," the publication reported.

The union has not made an official endorsement.

"The union, considered an organizing behemoth in the Silver State, has been known to tip the scales in elections in the past. Though the 60,000-member union has not yet decided whether it will endorse in the Democratic presidential primary, the flyer appears to be part of a coordinated campaign ahead of Nevada’s Feb. 22 Democratic presidential primary and shows the union will not be sitting idly by, with or without an endorsement," The Nevada Independent reported.

The flyer is also reportedly "going out to members tonight via text and email."

Veteran Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, the editor of the Nevada Independent, offered his analysis of Sanders being "nuked" ahead of the Nevada caucuses.

In an appearance on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and Brian Willaims, Ralston wondered if the union may "latch onto" Pete Buttigieg, who was not attacked on the flier.