The View's Meghan McCain refuses to defend Trump's unhinged post-acquittal meltdown
Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain isn't usually shy about offering her opinions, but she had to be coaxed out of her shell to comment on President Donald Trump's post-acquittal victory lap.

The president attacked his enemies and lavished praise on his allies Thursday at a White House gathering, and three of the four panelists expressed shock and alarm at the spectacle.

"Republicans looked at him the way my five-pound poodle looks at me when she wants a treat, you know?" said guest Ana Navarro. "'Oh please say my name, say my name' -- it was insanity."

Trump complained during the event that Hunter Biden had made $83,000 serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, and claimed his own children were prohibited from cashing in on their famous name.

"His kids did make a fortune while working in the White House," Navarro said. "They made more than $85 million last year, Ivanka. they have taken nepotism -- political nepotism has been a problem on both sides forever, and if senators want to make changes, they should start by looking at themselves, at their spouses, at their kids, at their relatives who are all lined up in lobby shops."

Host Joy Behar asked McCain if she had anything to add, but she asked to sit out for this topic.

"You guys are scaring me," McCain said. "I don't want to say my opinion today because, like -- you're very angry. Everyone has been very angry backstage, and I feel like today is maybe a day for me to be a conservative quietly, because I don't want to get booed and yelled at today."

Behar asked whether she could defend Trump's behavior, and McCain pointed out that his 49 percent approval was the highest since he took office -- and then changed the subject to Democratic strategist James Carville's concerns about the primary field.

"I think people should listen to people like James Carville and Democrats should keep their eye on the ball with these candidates," McCain said. "No disrespect to Mayor Pete (Buttigieg), he did a perfectly respectable job yesterday, but that is not the thing that's going to get this guy out of office. Mayor Pete is not going to do it."