'The virus is not going to respond to happy talk': MSNBC panel busts Trump for trying to solve coronavirus with a tweet
Donald Trump speaks to reporters at Joint Base Andrews (Fox News/screen grab)

MSNBC's "Deadline" political panel blasted President Donald Trump's horrible response to the coronavirus by belittling the seriousness of it.

In a panel discussion with host Nicolle Wallace, former vice presidential chief of staff Ron Klain accused Trump of trying to solve the crisis via tweet.

"Trump's strategy thus far has been to happy-talk the virus and the virus is not going to respond to happy talk," he said. "Americans are not going to be safe by Trump tweeting, 'it's all fine, I've got the border sealed.'"

Last week, Trump's government brought 14 infected people into the United States on a public plane without informing the passengers or the airline. It was against the Center for Disease Control's recommendation.

"You can't seal the borders," Klain explained. "This virus has spread around the world. I wrote a month ago in the Post, it's not a question of if it comes here. It's a question of when it comes here. That's what the CDC was saying yesterday. And all the president's efforts and Larry Kudlow's efforts to stand there and say, 'No one should worry,' is not going to stop the virus. What it does do is undermines the professional communications of our public health officials who are trying to provide reliable, credible information to people. And the problem is -- will Trump start to intimidate those officials? Like Rush Limbaugh did with Dr. Nancy Messonnier? Will they try to brush them back from telling the American people the truth? And that's when it gets dangerous if that instinct takes over."

Watch the exchange below: