They like to party — without the booze. A new LGBTQ social club is drawing the sober, the sober curious, and drinkers looking for a break from the bar scene
Gay Pride Fist (Ink Drop/

CHICAGO — Phoebe Claire Conybeare left alcohol behind in 2017, and with it many of her friends in the LGBTQ bar and party scene.“I was just so desperate for connection with other queers,” said Conybeare, 30, of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.When she learned that another member of her young women’s sober-curious meetup, Hollie Lambert, identified as queer, she was thrilled. Conybeare and Lambert, 27, hit it off at a lunch that morphed into a six-hour conversation. They had so much in common, Conybeare said, from problems with alcohol, to embracing sobriety, to yearning for a connection wi...

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