'This is what you get when cabinet officials are picked from Fox News': Twitter stunned at acting DHS secretary's coronavirus unpreparedness

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) lashed out at acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf this Tuesday when he couldn’t answer some basic questions about the potential for a major coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

“How many [cases of coronavirus in the United States] are you anticipating?” Kennedy asked Wolf during a Senate hearing.

“We’re working with [Health and Human Services] to determine that,” Wolf replied.

“How many are you anticipating?” Kennedy asked again.

“We do anticipate the number will grow, I don’t have an exact figure for you,” he replied.

“Is someone modeling that, do you have any way of guessing?” Kennedy asked.

As video of the tense exchange made its way around Twitter, some found themselves wondering how things got to this point: