Trump abandons #Daytona500 before it begins
Official White House photo of President Donald Trump boarding Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews by Shealah Craighead)

It appears President Donald Trump either isn't a race fan or he was mad at FOX for cutting his speech from the broadcast of the Daytona 500 Sunday.

While the president wasn't scheduled to stay that long, he left even earlier, long before the race began.

SpecSports360 host Jon Alba tweeted about the president abandoning the Sunday race.

Trump arrived at the race to lead the cars in the presidential limo known as "The Beast." Air Force One did a flyover and the president began to make a speech but it was cut from the broadcast.

Trump has courted NASCAR fans since the early days of his campaign, but their short memories may have forgotten about the promise Trump made for a new NASCAR track.

"In March 1999, plans were announced to build just that track, which would have cost $400 million and would have seated 300,000 stock-car fans, even more than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway," wrote Forbes. "It was to be a joint effort by NASCAR’s France family, then led by Bill France Jr., and Trump, then a New York real-estate mogul."

The track was going to be called the Trump Super Speedway. It never manifested.