Trump administration outsourcing part of census advertising campaign to state-run Chinese media: report

According to a new scoop from Axios, the 2020 Census Paid Media Campaign is allowing a Chinese state-run broadcaster to be one of its media vendors. The revelation comes after years of Chinese government efforts to co-opt independent Chinese-language media in the U.S.

Axios reports that on Feb. 18, the U.S. State Department "designated five Chinese state media outlets with operations in the U.S. as 'foreign missions,' a designation that requires the outlets to disclose personnel lists and real estate holdings."

The situation presents a dilemma for the U.S. government since the census is required to count every living America resident. If news outlets with ties to Beijing are excluded, the census won't be able to fully engage with some Chinese American communities with ads about the census.

Read the full report overt at Axios.