'Trump and his family at their worst': MSNBC's Morning Joe torches president's post-acquittal 'freak show'
President Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was aghast at the "freak show" President Donald Trump delivered on the day after his impeachment acquittal.

The president attacked his enemies at the National Prayer Breakfast and thanked his allies in a rambling, profane rant from the White House, and the "Morning Joe" host warned that Trump would only get worse.

"Donald Trump put on a freak show yesterday," Scarborough said, "and showed exactly why this race will always be close, even to the end. When things are going well, Donald Trump and his supporters and his family members are at their very worst."

"He put on an absolute freak show inside the White House," Scarborough added. "He put on actually a blasphemous display inside the National Prayer Breakfast, actually mocking people who quoted the words of Jesus Christ, mocking people there of faith who actually followed the orders of Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. It was quite a display by a president who actually somehow managed to stoop below the lowest of low."

The president feels emboldened now after his Senate acquittal, Scarborough said, and he recalled the last time Trump felt so unencumbered by accountability.

"Yesterday Donald Trump was at his worst, but think about this," he said. "It is assuring, it is calming, that he is so predictable. What did he do the day after Robert Mueller's testimony? He picked up the phone, he called Ukraine, invaded by Russia, said, 'I'm holding up your weapons until you dig up dirt on my political opponent.' That was the next day. Donald Trump was at his worst when he actually should have been at his best, when he should have been at his, well, most humane. He should have played the advantage."

"This man doesn't know how to make a deal," Scarborough added, "and politically he just doesn't know how to play an advantage. Yesterday would have been a wonderful time for him, if he cared about ever getting to 50 percent, to do what Bill Clinton did, a man who left office, actually, I think in the 60s, but instead, he, as Rick Wilson said, instead Donald Trump yesterday, he bellowed like a third-world warlord and in a display of political performance art that was almost unbearably grotesque and it's an affront to American values, American law and America's collective sanity."

Scarborough shamed the president's GOP allies who sat in the East Room lapping up Trump's praises and laughing at his grotesque attacks.

"The most grotesque part was not Donald Trump," Scarborough said. "We've already priced that into the stock. The grotesque part were those people jammed in there and the people jammed into the prayer breakfast laughing along to this abhorrent behavior, that not only cut against constitutional norms over the past several months and political norms, but more importantly cultural norms that Donald Trump shatters every day."