Trump busted for twisting 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' episode to make star Larry David look like a MAGA supporter

President Donald Trump is hyping a clip from the long-running "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that shows star Larry David nearly running a biker off the road in his electric BMW.

The clip is titled "TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!" and is pinned to the top of the president's Twitter account page, and shows the biker angrily challenging an increasingly nervous David, but The Daily Beast pointed out that Trump seemed to miss the point of the episode.

The biker keeps asking David "what the f*ck" he's doing, but David resolves the situation by putting on a red "Make America Great Again" hat -- and the biker's mood lightens and he sends the sitcom star on his way without further incident.

"But what the out-of-context clip fails to capture is the much larger joke of the episode," wrote The Beast's Matt Wilstein. "If Trump had watched the whole thing, he would realize that Larry is using the MAGA hat as a 'great people repellent,' something to help him get out of lunch with a guy who annoys him or to make sure no one takes the seat next to him at the sushi bar."

"The bit with the biker is actually the moment the joke gets flipped on its head," Wilstein adds. "Not only does the hat repel most people in David’s Hollywood circle, it also attracts maniacs on motorcycles who would otherwise want to violently attack him."

David has made his thoughts on Trump pretty clear -- and he doesn't seem to care about alienating the president's supporters with "Curb" storylines poking fun at them.

“Go, alienate, you have my blessing!” David told an interviewer who asked about the episode Trump tweeted out. “No, I could give a f*ck!”