Trump-loving GOP candidate accused of stalking ambassador is now cooperating with Congress: report
Robert Hyde, via Hyde's campaign account on Twitter

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that Robert Hyde, the Republican congressional candidate who was accused of monitoring the whereabouts of former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, is cooperating with Congress in their investigation of how Rudy Giuliani's team targeted the ambassador.

Hyde was shown in messages revealed by House Democrats last month to have been in close contact with Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, who was indicted for campaign finance violations related to his work overseas. The communications between them suggested that Hyde was physically tracking Yovanovitch, who was ultimately recalled from the ambassadorship as Giuliani advised the president she would oppose their scheme to pressure the Ukrainian government for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Hyde has claimed that these messages were taken out of context and he was merely joking. Nonetheless, he has reportedly offered to tell Congress everything he knows about Parnas, who himself has moved to offer up a trove of information to investigators.

The operations against Yovanovitch were a key part of the basis for President Donald Trump's impeachment, which was quashed by Republicans weeks ago. Despite this, House Democrats are still investigating the details of the affair, as the Senate GOP refused to call witnesses the White House had ordered to defy House subpoenas and many details are left unknown.