Trump sets the stage to blame Mitt Romney for possible loss of Republican-controlled Senate in 2020 election
President Donald Trump says he's right on China and that tariffs will bring Beijing to the table. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

Donald Trump is still not over Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for following his conscience and voting to remove him from office last week, and now is accusing him of damaging the Republican party.

Following a morning of Trump seemingly retweeting every booster he could find on Twitter, the president added a comment to a quote from the Wall Street  Journal's Kimberly Strassel -- herself an unabashed admirer of the president.

With Strassel writing, "Mitt Romney may think he's taking a shot at POTUS. But any real damage he causes will in fact be to Senate Rs in tough races. Schumer's goal with all this was retaking the Senate. If he succeeds, he'll hopefully remember to send Romney a thank you," the president added, "Romney hurt some very good Republican Senators, and he was wrong about the Impeachment Hoax. No clue!"

You can see the tweet below: