Trump wildly lashing out like a ‘meth-addled wolverine’ in his post-impeachment revenge frenzy: conservative
Donald Trump (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

In a bitterly harsh column for the conservative Bulwark, Christian Schneider explained that no one should be surprised by Donald Trump's post-impeachment antics since the GOP-controlled Senate absolved him of any guilt in his impeachment trial.

As Schneider sees it, the president has chosen to ramp up his attacks on his critics instead of being chastened because it's just not in his DNA to act graciously.

"The minute the impeachment trial was over, Trump took off like a meth-addled wolverine, revenge tweeting about Mitt Romney, taunting Democrats with a video suggesting he’s going to be in office forever, and mocking politicians who pray (while speaking at a prayer breakfast)," the columnist wrote before adding, "The president’s behavior was boorish and childish, but also predictable. Entirely, completely predictable."

Continuing in that vein, Schneider laid out his case that we should never expect anything better from the president because, "Trump is the most imitable human being on the planet. His beats and phrases have become so familiar that anyone can do a passable imitation and actually predicting what he’ll say is as easy as consulting anyone who has ingested bath salts in the past twelve hours."

"Remember when Trump was being investigated for obstruction of justice after firing FBI Director James Comey? According to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Trump then tried to obstruct that investigation by ordering Mueller’s firing, too. This would be like an accused murderer trying to prove his innocence by killing the prosecutor outside the courtroom," he wrote. "Or perhaps you recall when Trump declared 'TOTAL EXONERATION' on the charge of colluding with Russia the day the Mueller report was released. The president was so overjoyed to be marginally cleared of accepting foreign help for his 2016 campaign that the very next day he called the new president of Ukraine to demand foreign help for his 2020 campaign."

According to the author, viewing how Trump has acted in the past is an indicator as to what Americans can expect from him now that he has been provided cover by the Republican Party.

"All these predicates perfectly map out what will happen as Trump attempts to explain away his Attorney General Bill Barr allegedly intervening to secure a lighter sentence for Trump crony Roger Stone."

"What Donald Trump does is consistently live up to the expectations of those who have the lowest possible expectations for him," he wrote before lamenting, "And because Trump’s imagination of the world never changes, neither will his predictable actions."

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