Trump’s post-acquittal speech was an ‘avalanche of grievance against everybody’: CNN’s Gloria Borger

The day after his acquittal in the Senate, President Trump went on TV and lashed out at his political enemies on live TV in a speech that CNN's Brianna Keilar described as "unscripted, vindictive, at times profane, angry, rambling response to his impeachment acquittal."

Keiler turned to CNN contributor Gloria Borger and asked her thoughts on the "enemies list" Trump rattled off during his speech "on the heels of a number of Republicans voting to acquit him, citing that they think he's learned his lesson, which clearly he has not."

According to Borger, Trump's speech started out well enough, but then "immediately turned into an avalanche of grievance against everybody."

"It was vindictive ... it was full of revenge, it was mean spirited, it was poisonous, it was spiteful," Borger said. "And it gave you a real look into the way he views the world" regarding the people who oppose him versus the people who support him.

"So I think it was quite a remarkable view to the President's psyche here,' she continued, adding that in contrast, former president Bill Clinton apologized to the American people and said how profoundly sorry he was for putting them through the ordeal.

"[Trump] did none of that," Borger said.