‘Ultimate grifter’ Sean Spicer doused in mockery for selling Valentine’s Day messages for $199
Sean Spicer appears on Fox News

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is offering a special on Valentine's Day messages -- and social media users howled with laughter.

Spicer, like his successor Anthony Scaramucci, records personalized messages through the Cameo website, and he announced on his Instagram page that he's cutting his regular $400 rates in half this month.

“Hey guys, it’s Sean Spicer with an amazing deal," Spicer said. "This month, for the entire month of February, my videos that normally cost $400– over 50 percent off -- $199 is going to give you the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. What way to say, ‘I love you, I’m thinking of you,’ this Valentine’s Day than a video from me?”

The White House official-turned-"Dancing With The Stars" contestant-turned low-budget pitchman was quickly doused in mockery.