WATCH: Racist college student’s classmates toss him out of lecture room – then cops show up and arrest him

A drunk college student was kicked out of a lecture room by his own classmates this week after he went off on a racist and homophobic rant while in class.

CBS Los Angeles reports that 21-year-old Chapman University student Dayton Kingery was tossed out of class and subsequently arrested and charged with felony vandalism after he destroyed another student's computer.

In a video posted on Twitter of the incident, Kingery can be seen boasting that he's been "drinking Bacardi all day" while sitting at his desk in his economic classroom. Immediately after this, he starts hurling racial slurs and says, "I f*cking hate n*ggers -- let it be known!"

This elicits a disgusted response from his classmates, and he replies by saying, "I f*cking hate f*ggots too, how about that!"

Later, Kingery walks up to another student and calls him "this f*ggot right here," and the student gets up and says, "Don't touch me, don't touch me!" in response. Another student then stands up and grabs Kingery to escort him out of the room.

The student continued causing more trouble after being removed from the room.

"Police said Kingery injured an older campus safety officer who was called to the scene by students," reports CBS Los Angeles. "Officers with the Orange Police Department had to place Kingery in a hobble restraint in order to safely take him into custody."

Kingery has subsequently been expelled from Chapman University.

Watch the video below.