WATCH: Seth Meyers gives the perfect one-minute update on all the crazy from Trump and Senate Republicans
Host of "Late Night with Seth Meyers" (screengrab)

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers gave a shocking update on the latest from President Donald Trump and Republicans.

"Federal prosecutors yesterday recommended that former Trump advisor Roger Stone to seven to nine years in prison for lying to Congress," Meyers noted.

"The today, the Department of Justice issued a statement calling for much less prison time for Stone," he continued. "And Trump said that he had the right to tell the Justice Department what to do."

"Then all four prosecutors in the Stone case resigned in protest," Meyers noted. "And then Trump called for the military to pursue legal action against Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman for testifying against him in the impeachment trial."

"And Senate Republicans blocked three bills to prevent foreign interference in our elections and Lindsey Graham and Don, Jr. showed up on Fox News in matching Trump merchandise," he noted.

The host worried about what it all meant.

"I guess what I'm telling you is by this time tomorrow, we might be a cooking show," Meyers said, showing a graphic for his "non-political" cooking show.