White House hires 23-year-old college student to help carry out purge of disloyal staffers
(AFP/File / Jim WATSON)

A 23-year-old college senior is helping the White House Personnel Office carry out a purge for President Donald Trump.

James Bacon, who's pursuing a bachelor's degree at George Washington University, is overseeing paperwork for new PPO director John McEntee after two short stints in other Cabinet departments while taking classes, reported Politico.

Bacon worked for McEntee, who recently returned to the White House after he was pushed out over gambling allegations, during the earliest days of the Trump campaign, and he previously worked in the policy shop in the Department of Transportation and as a White House liaison for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

While at HUD, Bacon served as Secretary Ben Carson’s confidential assistant, according to two other administration officials.

Bacon would have graduated on time if he had not worked for the Trump campaign, and then for the Trump transition team.

He will take over for Katja Bullock, who served the PPO in both Bush administrations and the Reagan administration, and will assist on vetting and oversee paperwork.

Following his impeachment acquittal, the president wants to push out administration officials perceived as disloyal, and McEntee returned to the White House to replace Sean Doocey, who is moving over to the State Department.

The 29-year-old McEntee held a meeting last week to ask White House liaisons for Cabinet departments to single out appointees who may be anti-Trump, according to an administration official, and he also notified them that all appointees would be vetted again to turn up evidence of disloyalty.