'You only have one job, Iowa': CNN's Van Jones rains hell on Iowa Democrats for caucus 'debacle'
Frustrated Van Jones (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Monday night CNN contributor Van Jones expressed frustration with the Iowa Democrats for being unable to provide results on the first day of voting to select the opponent of Donald Trump.

Sitting on a CNN panel that was forced to fill time while results were not forthcoming for a variety of reasons, he described the situation in succinct terms, bluntly stating, "You only have one job, Iowa."

"I'm beginning to feel that this is possibly a real debacle," he stated. "There are technical problems they are not disclosing."

"I just feel that the idea of the caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold," he continued. "We've all been saying all the time, why Iowa in the first place?"

"If you can even deliver on your one job, in the first place, [CNN contribitor] Nia Malika said it right in the first place: you only have one job, Iowa," he added to the approval of the panel.

Watch below: