Arizona Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar and staff in self-quarantine for coronavirus after CPAC contact
Dentist Paul Gosar of Arizona becomes confused and angry during congressional testimony/Screenshot

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced Sunday that he came in contact with the attendee at CPAC that has now been diagnosed with the coronavirus. It appears now Dr. Paul Gosar, congressman to Arizona, also came in contact with that person, as did his staff.

In a statement on Twitter, Gosar said that he and three senior staffers will be on lockdown and that his office will be closed. He also refused to refer to the illness as coronavirus or COVID-19, referring to it instead as the "Wuhan Virus."

"We are all asymptomatic and feel great. But we are being proactive and cautious," the congressman tweeted.

The contact with the person would have been long enough ago that the virus likely would have caused symptoms for those staffers by now, but everyone involved is being extra cautious to prevent community-spread.

Gosar is not a medical doctor; rather he is a dentist.

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