CNN's Tapper calls out Trump's 'never-ending cascade' of lies about virus spread in blistering closing statement

CNN's Jake Tapper used his closing comments on Sunday morning to call out Donald Trump for his "never-ending cascade" of lies about the spread of the virus, saying the president is putting the whole country in danger.

Standing before a large map illustrating the spread of COVID-19, Tapper was blunt in his condemnation of the president.

"At a time like this, when the public needs accurate information so it can avoid panic and pursue caution, being able to believe what our leaders tell us is vital,” Tapper stated. “But President Trump keeps diminishing the severity of the situation.”

“He likes the numbers where they are, even if that were to mean artificially keeping them lower by keeping sick Americans off the coast," the State of the Union host continued. "The president’s number one job is to protect American lives. Not to keep the numbers where they are. At the CDC Friday, the president spoke of having a ‘natural ability’ for science and medicine, except doctors swear by the Hippocratic Oath: first do no harm. All of these lies are doing harm.”

Watch below: