Coronavirus patient was twice denied testing by Trump CDC -- and only got it after 'adamant urging' from doctor
A sick woman coughing (Shutterstock)

A woman who has been diagnosed with coronavirus was twice refused testing under guidelines from President Donald Trump's Centers for Disease Control, and only got tested for the virus after the doctor who examined her pushed for it.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a 46-year-old woman went to the Floyd Medical Center in Georgia on Saturday and reported having flu-like symptoms.

The woman was subsequently screened, treated, and released without being tested for coronavirus -- but she came back two days later reporting that her symptoms had gotten even worse.

After being notified of her return to the hospital, the Georgia Department of Public Health once again authorized her release on the grounds that she still did not meet the testing criteria for coronavirus.

Floyd Medical Center officials nonetheless kept her at the facility, and the doctor who examined her succeeded in getting her tested after employing "adamant urging" with the Department of Public Health.

“The preliminary test result was deemed positive,” the hospital said of the tests. “Additional confirmatory testing is being performed and results from CDC are anticipated in the coming days.”

The Trump administration has struggled to respond to the spread of the virus, and on Thursday it admitted that it would not meet its goal of sending out 2,500 test kits throughout the country.