CPAC chief bitterly whines about man who reported coronavirus disaster: 'Trying to stick a stake in my heart!'
Matt Schlapp. (Screenshot/Fox News)

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference, went on a bitter tirade Wednesday against the man who has accurately reported his conference's disastrous handling of a coronavirus outbreak at this year's conference.

During an interview with reporter Michael Isikoff on the "Skullduggery" podcast, Schlapp accused Raheem Kassam, a conservative who has been reporting complaints about CPAC not promptly informing attendees about the disease, of trying to hurt him and the conservative movement.

"What this gentleman decided to do was take to Twitter and induce a near panic!" Schlapp complained. "I'm sorry that Raheem was not included on our speakers' schedule and I'm sorry that he has a bone to pick with us, but using a health care moment where people are worried, to use that to try to stick a stake in my heart was a mistake!"

Kassam commented that Schlapp's attacks on him seemed "odd and uncomfortable" and laughed at the idea that his accurate reports about coronavirus at CPAC were akin to committing murder.

Listen to a clip of the interview below.