Fox host fears Trump will be impeached over his coronavirus response: ‘The hate is boiling over’
Fox Business personality Trish Regan (screengrab)

Fox Business personality Trish Regan attacked people for criticizing President Donald Trump's response to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

"The chorus of hate being directed at the president is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him -- and only him -- for a virus that originated halfway around the world," Regan said.

While Democrats have joined experts in criticizing Trump's response to the coronavirus epidemic, Regan did not offer any examples of a Democrat blaming Trump for the existence of the virus.

"This is yet another attempt to impeach the president," she argued.

While he was not removed from office, Trump was successfully impeached by the House of Representatives.

She argued against holding elected officials to account for the response to the outbreak, arguing it was not the time to point fingers.

"The hate is boiling over," she argued.

She then played a highlight reel of Trump being criticized for his response to coronavirus.