Fox News' coronavirus coverage 'straight up will kill viewers': Roger Ailes biographer
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

Reporter Gabriel Sherman, who has written a bestselling biography of the late Fox News founder Roger Ailes, has found himself totally appalled by Fox's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sherman's criticism of the network was triggered by Fox Business host Trish Regan's claim that Democratic lawmakers' attacks on the Trump administration's response to the pandemic were part of a broad conspiracy to harm his reelection prospects.

"Many in the liberal media are using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president, despite the virus originating halfway around the world," she said on Monday night. "This is yet another attempt to impeach, and sadly, it seems the left cares little for any of the destruction they leave in their wake, including losses in the market."

Reacting to this, Sherman claimed that even the late Ailes would have found this kind of commentary irresponsible.

"Ailes was a real sicko but he didn’t put stuff on the air that straight up will kill his viewers," he wrote on Twitter.