George Conway hilariously mocks Jared Kushner for suddenly taking over coronavirus responsibilities
George Conway and Jared Kushner (Photo: Screen captures)

Republican lawyer and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, George Conway, hilariously mocked the story that Jared Kushner is handling the coronavirus outbreak after Trump assigned Vice President Mike Pence to head the task force.

Kushner, who doesn't have any medical training, experience in curing diseases, or even government is reportedly reading a lot about the virus.

"There's no deadline for a decision, but one of the people familiar with the talks said the task force will not give [President Donald] Trump its final verdict until Jared Kushner, the president's senior adviser and son-in-law, finishes his research and comes to a conclusion himself," said Politico.

Conway responded to news that Kushner was taking over by asking if he would reach a "comprehensive peace agreement with the virus." Kushner was tasked with achieving Middle East peace when Trump first took office. After reading about two dozen books, Kushner crafted a plan, which has been denounced by the Palestinians.