Jared Kushner is holding up action by the coronavirus task force -- because he has to do 'research'
Jared Kushner (Axios)

Vice President Mike Pence may be in charge of the coronavirus task force, but apparently it's Jared Kushner that's holding up any meaningful action because he's busy doing "research" on it.

Politico reported Wednesday that there's no progress on acting about the virus because they're waiting for Kushner to learn everything. Kushner isn't a doctor, nurse, medical professional of any kind, nor is he an economist, and it's unknown if he even took an economics class in college.

"There’s no deadline for a decision, but one of the people familiar with the talks said the task force will not give [President Donald] Trump its final verdict until Jared Kushner, the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, finishes his research and comes to a conclusion himself," said Politico.

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